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Data protection leadership and support powered by skill and experience

Outsourced Data Protection Services

Data protection leadership has allowed many organisations to modernise, digitalise and reduce the risk in service delivery. It has helped mature compliance cultures and build trust of service users and staff. Yet, for various reasons, not every organisation is looking for a permanent data protection hire. This is where we come in.

Select your service

Get in touch about your requirements and let us figure out how we can best assist you.

Execution of a Bespoke Compliance Plan

We will help plan and execute your bespoke compliance programme based on a pre-agreed fixed fee.

External Data Protection Services

We will provide regular leadership and support on all data protection matters and become a part of your daily operations based on a monthly subscription plan that meets your needs.

Incident Response Services

We will provide support when called upon during incidents and emergencies based on a "standby" monthly subscription plan.

UK GDPR Appointed Representative Service

We will review your compliance programme and serve as your appointed representative.

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