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TELFA Whistleblower Jurisdictional Overview

Whistleblower laws protect those courageous individuals who decide to speak up against their organisation about any unlawful or unethical practices at the risk of banishment from their professional community and industry. Only few people have the determination to push the public debate, the regulators and the courts, and force a change in corporate practices. Whistleblower protection laws play a vital role in this process and organisations can be almost certain that any inappropriate practices will come to light sooner or later. More than ever the public understand that corporate practices particularly in relation to personal data, can affect our daily lives. Organisations have certain duties under existing and incoming whistleblower protection laws. To help navigate at a high level the different approaches and traditions in the different member states, TELFA (Trans-European Law Firms Alliance) has prepared this jurisdictional overview through its Data Protection Practice Group.

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